If there is one day that you want to feel your best, whether emotionally and physically, it is the day of your wedding. This is why it is extremely important to be prepared and well-prepped before your wedding day. There are things that you need to do months and weeks for preparation, but the night before the wedding can make or break your looks for the special day.  

Making sure everything is ready will help you ease the anxiousness and the trouble tomorrow. It is not good to look not at your best especially in Wedding Photography, IL that you will have. Fortunately, we are here to remind you of the things you need to do before your special day comes.  


Prepare an Emergency Kit 

You will never know what will happen during the day, so round up all your essentials the night before to be ready. The following are included but not limited to: 

  • Tape 
  • Tissues 
  • Perfume and deodorant 
  • Extra buttons 
  • Small sewing kit 
  • Toothbrush and toothpaste 
  • Button-down shirt 
  • Extra undergarments 
  • Safety pins 
  • Hairstyling and makeup 

Prepare all the things for the honeymoon 

If you are off on your honeymoon after the big event, it is a good idea to pack ahead of time. In this way, you will avoid that awful realization that you forgot your undergarments on your honeymoon trip.  

Stay Away from the Drinks 

It can be very tempting to have some drinks with your bridesmaids before the wedding, but we advise you to resist drinking until the big day. It is not a good idea to wake up with a headache or a bloated stomach during your wedding day. Worse, you get too drunk that you forget to wake up hours before the wedding to be prepared.  


It is good to have exercised the night before the wedding. You can sneak in a yoga class or go somewhere for a long walk. It is beneficial because it can help you get some fresh air, relieve stress, or get unwind before the wedding day.  

Have a beauty prep 

Get some finishing touches like manicure, pedicure, shave, etc. Spoil yourself with relaxing beauty sessions to prepare for the day. You can have some bubble bath or some good old talks with your girls. However, this is not the ideal time to have a facial and introduce your skin and face new things to your beauty regime. You might wake up with some allergy and rashes on your skin.  

Drink a lot of water 

This has a lot of benefits. It can help you lower down fatigue and anxiety, increases your energy and hydrates your body. Hydrated cells will also help you look young and beautiful, as well as put you in a good mood. 

Give a love note to your husband-to-be 

You can have it delivered through a friend and with some cute present. In this way, you will make tomorrow’s big day more romantic. 


After doing all the preparations and work for tomorrow, have a deep sleep to prepare your brain for the big day. Calm your thoughts and prepare yourself for a long day tomorrow.