If you incorporate a marble flooring within your property, it can actually help in increasing its home value. Aside from that, it provides a fresh look to your surroundings. If you know how to properly maintain marble floorings, rest assured that you can help prolong its life without eliminating its appeal and beauty. The professional concrete contractors Fort Wayne is here to provide you the following tips to assist you in keeping your marble floors look good as new:

Never neglect the process of sealing

A lot have the misconception that marble does not have to be sealed since marble is a hard stone. However, you should know that any natural stone utilized around or in the home must have an applied sealant, and marble is definitely not exempted. The right sealant can help secure your floors from being stained from scratches, heavy usage, and spills.

Never utilize acidic cleaning products

As you clean your marble flooring, you need to refrain from utilizing any acidic cleaning products since they can greatly cause harm to marble flooring, resulting in pitting and dulling. When you’re uncertain of a cleaning solution, then it’s best not to utilize it. This task must be best left to the experts and you can ask them which cleaner is the best and easiest to use for marble floors.

Regularly mop your floor

You can keep you marble flooring shining and sparkling if you consider regularly mop with a sponge mop, which is damped with warm water. As much as possible, it’s important to keep the mop clean. This can be done by dipping your mop into warm water and then squeeze out the water as much as you can. Never utilize too much water since this could result in water staining. Once you’re done mopping the floor, immediately dry it with the help of a soft cloth.

Never allow debris and dirt sit

If you do this, it will only scratch the surface of your marble floor. One of the best methods when it comes to cleaning up dirt and dust on your marble flooring is through using a dust mop. This is because the majority of brooms are scratchy and hard, which should never be used in marble surfaces. You can help remove the dirt and dust by spraying a bit of an anti-static spray on the dust mop. Take note of the areas with high traffic and entryways.

Never leave any spill for too long

Sure, marble displays a hard surface, however, it will stain when spills are not immediately cleaned. A paper towel, sponge, or soft cloth will commonly do the trick. As soon as you have wiped up the spill, go over the spot with warm water and then dry it using a paper towel or a cloth.

With all of these tips in maintaining your marble flooring, it is still recommended for you to consult the flooring experts from Platinum Crete to give you more insights and service in terms of different types of flooring.